Heritage and Conservation

Specializing in Structural and Civil Engineering services for Heritage Structures, we excel in delivering a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of heritage significant sites. Some of our key services include:
Repair, Remediation, and Re-purposing:
Addressing structural issues with precision to ensure the preservation of heritage structures.
Adaptive Use Developments:
Innovatively repurposing historical sites for contemporary needs while respecting their cultural significance.
Condition Assessments and Reports:
Conducting thorough evaluations to provide comprehensive insights into the current state of heritage structures.
Feasibility Reports:
Offering detailed reports outlining the viability of conservation and restoration projects.
Remedial Maintenance Work Plans:
Developing strategic plans for ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of historical structures.
Procurement and Contractor Sourcing:
Facilitating the selection of contractors experienced in heritage preservation for building works.
On-Site Management of Construction Stage:
Overseeing construction activities to guarantee the faithful execution of conservation strategies.

Our Experience:
We have successfully undertaken projects of varying complexity, including properties of Heritage significance. Our expertise lies in balancing the preservation of historical value with the functional needs of the present such as re-use and adaptation.

Examples of our involvement in Existing buildings, Retrofitting, Heritage and Conservation projects are the following:

  • Boans Warehouse, Crn Sanders St & Gyde St, PERTH
  • Norfolk Hotel, FREMANTLE
  • #Royal Perth Hospital, B Block
  • Desborough House, #1161-1167 Hay Street, PERTH
  • Willshire and Feely Building (now The Fremantle Hostel Backpacker), Pakenham Street, FREMANTLE
  • #54-58-60 Wray Avenue, FREMANTLE
  • #69-71-73 High Street, FREMANTLE
  • #77 High Street, FREMANTLE
  • #85-87 High Street, FREMANTLE
  • #6 Nairn Street, FREMANTLE
  • #279 High Street, FREMANTLE
  • #58 South Street, FREMANTLE
  • #1171 Hay Street, PERTH
  • #102 Railway Street, WEST PERTH (now Phat Brew Club)
  • #158 Canning Hwy, FREMANTLE
  • #51 Swanbourne Street, FREMANTLE
  • EFYC, Petra Street, FREMANTLE
  • #Cottesloe Catholic Church, COTTESLOE
  • #4 Henville street, FREMANTLE
  • #232 South Terrace, FREMANTLE
  • #21 Orange Avenue, PERTH
  • #1 Forrest Street, FREMANTLE
  • #1248 Hay Street, PERTH
  • #1021-1025 Albany Hwy, EAST VIC PK
  • #78 Palmerston Street, PERTH (2018 Houses Awards commendation for House Alteration and Addition under 200 m²)
  • #47 Ord Street, NEDLANDS
  • #34 Maloney Way, CITY BEACH