Expert Reports

Structural Inspections, Certification and Reports

We provide expert inspection services performed by senior design engineers for the construction and maintenance of new and existing projects. Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Historical and Heritage Building Preservation and Restoration
  • Marine Environments, Cyclonic Area and Remote Location Inspections and Structural Assessments
  • Concrete Cancer, Spalling, Water Ingress and Patching Repairs
  • Steel Galvanic Protection and Corrosion Repairs
  • Stormwater Drainage and Water Supply Issues
  • Structural Adequacy and Compliance Inspections
  • Design Assessments and Reviews
  • Remedial Works Consultation and Reports
  • Dilapidation and Cracking Reports
  • Pre-purchase Structural Inspections
  • Wall Removal Constructability Inspections
  • Retaining Wall Certification
  • Roof Conversions
  • Retrospective Structure Assessments and Certification for Approvals: Patios, Sheds, Shade Sails, Decking, Carports, Garages, Retaining and Screen Walls, Additions and Extensions
Expert Reports